Friday, June 13, 2008

Vasha's blurb

S/F, 2 1/2 Years, German Shepherd Dog, 70 lbs.

Hey there!

I'm your typical AWESOME German Shepherd Dog! If you know our breed, you know what a fantastic package you're getting! If you don't, let me tell you what a treat you're in for!

I'm beautiful, of course! And smart, adaptable, athletic, intelligent, loving and loyal to my family, dependable, clever, energetic, brave, and, ummm ... smart! Are you up to the challenge?

I have more pictures here on! You might notice that I need to learn "Drop it!" And most of the other "tricks" that make life go smoothly for a doggy gal and her family, like "Heel," "Down," "Stay" ... you get the picture.

But never fear! I can learn these things easily! I'm very treat-motivated, and did I mention that I'm smart?

In fact, breeds like German Shepherds that have worked for humans for centuries must feel useful and know that they're doing things for their people. If we don't, we'll think up our own projects. Like digging up the yard. Wouldn't it be better for me to learn fun stuff with you? I think so too!

I've been reported to be good with kids that I know but not able to get along with cats at all. Dogs that are unfriendly to me make me mad, and we can't be together. With other dogs, we'll have to meet and see if we get along.

I'm not a nuisance barker. I am house-trained, of course, and need outdoor activity, but like all dogs I also need to be inside with my family, especially at night.

There are good times ahead for the family that takes home this young, "interactive" (and smart!) dog! Let's meet! Come throw a ball for me!

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