Friday, October 5, 2007


mr_ed:  Tucker kicked me off "his blog," which was actually my blog until my big handsome husky hijacked it.   ;-)   I'm afraid I must have embarrassed him in front of some female Siberian Huskies.

I didn't mean to - I was just playing with him and teasing him. But he's not feeling quite up to snuff. His post-pneumonia breathing problems are flaring up a little, so he's a bit cranky even though all of the foster dogs that annoyed him have been adopted out.

So how about some October 5 observations? This won't be an extremely long rant because it's just too late after typing up Tucker's latest blog and whatnot.

First off, October 5 doesn't exist in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain! No, wait. It does exist, but didn't in 1582. Neither did October 6 through 14. These countries were early adopters of Pope Gregory's new calendar. The effects of new technology - ten days disappeared, poof!

In the area of flight technology ... on this date Robert Goddard was born (1882), Wilbur Wright flew 24 miles (1905), aerial combat first resulted in a kill (1914), the largest dirigible up to that time crashed with more deaths than the later Hindenburg disaster (1930), Canadian pilots shot down the first German jet (1944), the first Canadian astronaut went into space (1984), and an Indonesian plane crashed on take off killing 137 (1991).

In communications technology ... Louis Lumière was born (1864), the first World Series baseball game was broadcast (by radio - 1921), Truman gave the first White House address to be televised (1947), Monty Python's Flying Circus was first broadcast (1969), and PBS became a network (1970).

Hmmm. The Fermi breeder reactor suffered a partial core meltdown (1966), and secret Israeli nuclear wepaons were revealed (1986).

Linux (kernel only, remember) version 0.02 was released, just a couple of weeks after v. 0.01.

Birthdays, well, not so many as sometimes. Denis Diderot, Chester A. Arthur, Ray Kroc, Allen Ludden, Bil Keane, Bill Dana, Václav Havel, Bernie Mac, and Michael of the Andretti clan.

And many, many other people have been born on this date, of course. And there have been other major events. And then again, many events didn't happen on October 5 - but really, there's no time to list them all.

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